The Majesty of the Ant

We have an ambitious project: To make Riesling in tuscan over 1000 meters high. We are at the Foce of Careggine in the high Garfagnana, inside the Parco delle Alpi Apuane around 1050 meters sea level, in a magic, energetic and uncontaminated place.

Starting up with a wine project, we have placed side by side several kind of berries falling in love with them.
And by this love we have transformed berries in compotes to enjoy entirely the smell and colors even when fresh fruits are over.

Compotes, syrups, candied fruits and vegetables and combination among fruits and berries. It's the outcome of proofs, whole nights, passion and endeavour, love and tears, pain and at the end achievement.
What's our recipe?
Almost tradition with a pinch of fantasy and the whole all over the clouds.

(A curiosity about the name "The Majesty of the Ant". Why this name? It's easy because La Maestà (The Majesty) is the name of the little cosy church right at the border of the road and the mountain pass, Il Passo della Formica (Pass of the Ant), is the one where the ancient road join up with the church.