About us

We knew each other since the Agriculture department at the University of Pisa in 1999/2000 academic year and we became immediatly friends.

We have had three way street for fifteen years:

Andrea started in Capalbio where made a special bordeaux blend, side by side with the most important winemaker of Italy, joining many international trade contacts. Passionate about cooking and cheese, he's married and he's dad of Greta. The real researcher for typical indigenous vegetable and fruit strains. The hand in "cuisine" and the mind for the compositions.

Marco started in Lucca for 15 years and is the person in charge for vineyard and wine cellar at Fattoria Sardi Giustiniani where he recently started with the biodynamic agriculture. Father of Tessa and married with Drassi(our versus-moleskin), Marco is the man of fields and plants.

Gianluca started with several farms around Chianti, Cote of Livorno, Versilian hills and Candia, implanting, grafting and converting many vineyards with a long study about vinification of merlot, sangiovese and vermentino. You can see him at the wine-cellar, in fields, with Marco or Andrea. He's the holy spirit and still he is the father of Alberto Angelo and the supervisor of Crema di latte". Otherwise he is the guide for the banking management, budgetary control and business administration.

Andrea Elmi, Gian Luca Guidi e Marco Raffaelli we are La Maest‡ della Formica, and we have found at the Foce di Careggine in alta Garfagnana, in interior of Parco delle Alpi Apuane 1050 meters sea level close to the Foce di Careggine, our magic and energetic pure corner.

The soil, the exposure, the structure, the form, the colour and the panorama has felt us in love with this place rejoining together after many years. The owners of the fields, the citizens, the Parco delle Apuane and the local administration had immediately embraced the project and still they are certain for our aim. This is the reason why we want to do better and better.

The minerality of the soil has addressed us right away for the Riesling strain. However the exposure is optimal for any cultivation. We use the principles and methods of biodynamic farming. A breath-taking view puffing up energy.

Our mission is to improve the many small-local agricultural products that these mountains offer us.